Fiumicino racconta ancora ( *con le nuove scoperte- notizia del 21 Aprile 2014) con i resti dei Porti di Claudio e Traiano, gli splendori dell’Impero Romano, che qui ebbe il suo principale centro commerciale, a cui approdavano le navi provenienti da tutto il Mediterraneo.

Ostia – Archaeological news

21 April 2014 – The city wall of Ostia to the north of the Tiber?
For a long time we have known that there were many buildings on the north side of the Tiber, in the “Ostian Trastevere”. The remains in the east part were published in 1960 (Bertacchi) and 1995 (Pellegrino-Olivanti-Panariti). Those in the west part were gathered on a map by Michael Heinzelmann in 2003. Archaeologists now claim to have seen – with the help of geophysical research – that the city wall of Ostia, built in the first century BC by Cicero and Clodius, continued here. The claim has not yet been confirmed by excavations.


Source: Portus project